Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Layer on protection for your computer

Computers can be a lifeline for a family caregiver. They can be a way to reach out for support when facing caregiver burnout, a window to the outside world and others that know what you are experiencing. They can be invaluable tools for researching what medications your care recipient has been prescribed and sources of part time income to help you pay for day to day expenses.

Computers are, for many full-time family caregivers, a very vital part of their lives. Protecting those electronic sanity savers is an important step to take. Do you think you have adequate protection for your computer from online threats? You might not. Did you know that no single computer protection program is made to be all-encompassing? They are usually made to target specific threats such as viruses or efforts to break into your computer from the Internet.

The best defense against threats to your computer is to create a layer of different types of software, kind of like layering blankets on against the chill of winter. By layering programs such as NOD32 with other security programs such as LinkScanner or Outpost Firewall, you can have a much better line of defense to help you keep the viruses that threaten your computer out.

Software Security Solutions has researched and tested computer security solutions to let them offer their customers what they feel are the best solutions in each computer security category. To find out more, visit Software Security Solutions at the above link.


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