Thursday, September 21, 2006

Design your own antique diamond engagement ring

Diamonds-USA offers free global insured shipping and risk free purchase on diamond jewelry: including engagement diamond ring, anniversary rings and loose diamonds.

You pay after you have received the order and they offer a life-time upgrade plan. Check out their website for incredible online deals on loose diamonds, Pre-Set and Design your Own - an on-line ring design tool that makes it easy to decide just what the perfect look you are after is.

The 60th anniversary is the diamond anniversary - what better way to tell your loved one or parents that you'll be there forever? Or give the one you love the ultimate gift for Christmas, their birthday, or any time that you want to show them how timeless love is.

Diamonds-USA also has antique style engagement rings, and allows you to design an antique engagement ring yourself so you can replicate your grandmother's ring or any design you truly love as a very special gift.


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