Thursday, July 19, 2007

Find great skins for Ipods, and more, at SkinIt

I was out looking at skins for my laptop and cell phone at SkinIt yesterday, before mom and I went into town. After a hour or more of looking around the site at all the skins I finally decided that I needed to come up with a good theme for my stuff and then go back to look over things again.

The site has a huge selection of skins, and they have things to custom fit all kinds of devices. Everything from laptops to Ipod skins. Even skins for Bluetooth headsets. I need to gather all my gizmoes together and see what all I want skinned, since the things are inexpensive enough I can skin more than one or two of them.

I like the stuff by Larry Elmore, of course, LOL, I've only been a fan of his artwork since I think the 80's. They have a huge selection though, so, just go browse for a little while and pick out your favorite sports team, or maybe some Disney characters, comic book heroes, perhaps a Star Wars character or two? How about a branch of the armed services? Or .... well, I have not found an interest yet that's not covered. lol Check them out to see if they have your favorite skin.

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