Thursday, December 13, 2007

Write away the stress

Writing is a very therapeutic thing for someone that is going through a difficult time or under stress, trust me, you can see how much I write. Writing has always been my sanity saver. If you are going through a hard time or suffering stress then you might consider writing. Rather you write in a personal journal, a locked blog that only those you let read it can see, or an open blog such as this one, it can be a very therapeutic thing to write.

My advice to anyone that has no idea where to start is to create a blog about something they enjoy. Do you love to quilt? Write about the things you are doing with your quilting, or a new quilt you are working on. Do you love to bake? Share recipes and tips on a blog about baking.

Or you can take the ultimate plunge and share your personal life. What it's really like to be a family caregiver. I have not yet taken that step, I guess I am just too personal of a person to write about that. I write about everything else though, and it is one of the best releases I have for pent up frustration and stress.


Blogger susankellogg said...

I just want to add, there is one more way to calm down with the help of writing. For instance, if you are angry with somebody just put down everything and then throw the sheet of paper. This act will let you get rid of irritation and negative emotions.

4:39 AM  

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