Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Please don't call me again "Kevin Fields"

We have been getting regular phone calls from some computer recording asking for us to please call some dude named "Kevin Fields", so I caught the number the other day and checked it out online. There are a lot of complaints about the same number calling all kinds of people, including those on the "Do Not Call" registry, and asking for them to please call so and so at such and such number.

The name to call back seems to vary, but the number is the same on all of the complaints. It seems that a few people have tracked it down as a bill collection agency, but most of the people that complained about it stated they did not owe any overdue bills, a few that they have never owed anyone anything. I know we don't have any outstanding bills at the moment. My best guess on it is that the number is by some company that has set their computer to dial various numbers searching for some sucker that will call the collection agency thinking they need to pay a bill, then that agency collects the money for the overdue bill.

Sounds shady to me. I'm not going to call the number, but I do hope they are shut down soon because they are getting annoying. I'm going to see if I can place a block on that number so it can no longer call this house. I need to catch the number again and run them through the reverse number lookup at the Reverse Phone Detective site. The site even has an information page for the National No Call Registry to help with both land lines and cell phones.

I had not known that you needed to get your cell phone on its own do not call list, or even that you could run a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup. That would have been nice to know a while back when I was getting calls on my cell phone and could not find the number in the phone book's reverse number pages. It was probably a cell phone calling me.

For now I'll just be happy if the stupid computer that has been calling us for this Kevin Fields guy will go away and stop harassing us. It is harassment too, because they have called before 8am several times, after 10pm, and on weekends - even before 8am on Saturday! Definitely one to get blocked so they can't call anymore.


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