Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Make your own Mother's Day gift basket

It is almost April, which means that May is not that far away. Time to start thinking about Mother's Day. This year I am going to make my mother a gift basket. It is a wonderful gift that can be personalized to the recipient. Teas or gardening tools, books, movies, candies and flowers. By creating your own personalized Mother's Day gift basket you can design it to be extra special for your extra special mother.

It is actually very easy to create a lovely gift basket. Just follow a few basic steps.

1. Buy a basket of a desired size and pleasing shape

2. Decorate the basket with any painting or embellishments you might desire

3. Fill basket with some kind of filler - you could place some of the shredded paper or other things they sell for such things, but how about being a little creative? Is the basket filled with DVDs of her favorite movies? How about a bag of popped popcorn in the bottom? Is it a tea or coffee selection? Tuck a pretty table cloth or teapot and teapot cozy into the basket for filler. Are you giving her some books? How about a lap quilt as a filler?

4. Add in the main theme item and some small space fillers. Some suggestions for small fillers: DVD Movies basket - how about small fillers of theater-style candy that she can enjoy such as Malted Milk Balls? A tea or coffee basket? You would probably put in a cup and saucer with boxes of tea or coffee, so how about small fillers of spoons, samples of other hot drinks, small bags of cookies that go well with tea or coffee maybe a small vase with a rose and baby's breath? Is the basket filled with books? Small fillers that would be good include a magnifier if she might need one, bookmarks, bookplates, and maybe a pen set if you have included a journal or date book in the basket.

5. Wrapping the basket with cellophane is an optional but nice looking step, if you do wrap in cellophane gather it and tie with a beautiful satin bow.

There are, of course, a lot of variations and additional things you can do. So this will just get you started and give you ideas for creating your own Mother's Day gift basket.


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