Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lazy day, but perfect for a drive

Sleepy lazy day trying to get rid of a headache today. I spent most of my work day catnapping on the sofa while dad watches shows on TNT. Law & Order and Bones and stuff, good shows, but I agree with him that they can at times just seem to go from one story line to the next with little or no warning. It is a lovely sunny day outside, one of those days I would love to get out and take him for a drive, but can't. Few more weeks, get the car's brakes fixed or do what he wants to and get us a new car from one of the local dealerships. We can go without a heater in the car for a bit here in a few more weeks, but not having any brakes... well, that really puts the brakes on us being able to go anywhere, so until I can get the car to the brake shop to replace the brakes on it it is going to remain parked right where it is.


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