Friday, December 23, 2011

The Lemon Law and Attorneys

Buyers regret is one thing. Where you buy a new car and after you drive it off the lot you decide that you really wish you had gone for the little red convertible instead. In a case such as that you really should have taken more time to make your decision and picked the car that you truely do love before you made the purchase.

What if you love your new car, but as soon as you dive off the lot the car it starts to exhibit issues that were not known about before you purchased it? Not every car is what we expected to buy, but some can be genuine lemons that we really wish we had never seen.

That is why there is a law known as the Lemon Law. It assures that if you purchase a lemon you have certain rights. In California you can consult someone such as the California Lemon Law attorneys Shainfeld & Anvar to find out what your rights are when it comes to having purchased a lemon.

Shainfeld & Anvar are Lemon Law attorneys in California that assist car buyers in avoiding being ripped off by the purchase of a lemon, however, there are laws in every state to help protect you from purchasing a lemon instead of a car, so if you are not in California contact a local attorney that specializes in consumer rights. to find out what your rights as a buyer are.


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