Friday, November 11, 2011

Taking some wardrobe cute from my roommates

Guest post written by Laura Laws

I guess that you mimic the people that you're around most of the time. It's always been that way. But right now I have some really stylish roommates that are really causing me to challenge myself in the way that I dress every day. It's so much more interesting to find all sorts of different outfit combinations, especially when your roommates have invested interests in what you're wearing and see you enough to know your style.

I'm not the most fashionable person, especially in our apartment, so I not only ask my roommates for fashion advice, but I also use our wireless internet Arlington to find out all kinds of different ideas about how to make my existing style even better with my existing stuff. I'm all about dressing better without having to actually spend any money.

Sometimes I wish that my roommates were up as early as me during the week. There are so many mornings that I wish I had their input. But I've learned to just get their input the night before when I plan my outfits.


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