Friday, July 20, 2007

Planning trails through the yard

I'm trying to decide what the best way to build a scenic parkland through the yard is. I know that my dad wants to get outside and get around, and the rain is finally starting to slacken off some, so I think that today, if the rain stays away, I'll help my dad outside and have him help me lay out and get started on a series of walkways. There's not much that he can do, but I want to at least have him be able to supervise my working on it so that he has something to do. He was always very hands on and getting little projects done, and now he can't work on things like that anymore. I know it's very frustrating to him. This won't be the most perfect of solutions, but I think it'll at least give him something to be doing aside from watching television all the time. And it'll get me off my backside and exercising, which is good.



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