Friday, July 06, 2007

Sponge cake came in second in a one entrant contest

Remind me never to enter any contests held by the British, apparently your best is never good enough. Just ask Jenny Brown.

Jenny Brown, 62 and a grandmother, had entered her Victoria Sponge cake in a competition held by the Wimblington Sports Committee. During the judging process the cake apparently failed to live up to expectations because of wire rack marks found on it by the judges. With points deducted for the cosmetic defect the cake was awarded second place - even though it was the only entrant in the competition.

Wait.. the only one? How do we achieve second place? Brown received a trophy and certificate for her second place win, but I would like to know what first place would have received. Did the Wimblington Sports Committee kick her back to second in a one entrant competition to avoid having to award the first place prize?

This is apparently a trend in British competitions since 11 years ago Julie Dent, 44, a member of the Wimblington Sports Committee, was also in a baking contest. "I entered a show with some fruit scones," said Dent. "I was the only entrant but I came third."

As for Jenny Brown, she is not complaining. She said, "The cake hadn't been judged good enough to win the contest, but it was soon polished off and there were certainly no complaints."


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