Sunday, September 16, 2007

Piano Chords Blog

I know not everyone is like me and my mom, who have three pianos and plan to one day get a baby grand piano, but I think there are few that do not want to learn how to play the piano. I certainly can't play the piano. Oh sure, I have three at my disposal, but only one is in working shape, the others work, but need to be tuned and have minor work done to them (such as a good cleaning out of decades of dust buildup).

Still, I try to learn using the "teach yourself" method of piano playing. This draws me, as a moth to the light, to sites such as the Piano Chords Blog where I can find out more about tips and information on playing the piano.

The blog is aimed at students to be a supplement to their studies with a teacher, so it has a lot of information on piano chords and chord progressions along with a generous sprinkling of music theory.

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