Saturday, September 15, 2007

Storage bins for garage

Before my dad had that major stroke in 2001, he was an avid mechanic that kept all of our cars in good running condition. Now that responsibility has come down to me and I am grateful for the years of experience in working on cars with him that I have behind me now.

All of my dad's old tools went to my older brother, who is also a mechanic and classic car restorer, but I have a decent collection of tools built up and am building even more. The only problem is... they seem to walk away when I am not looking.

I'm not sure if this is due to being borrowed or because when my brother got the tools he got the storage chests as well and I have no proper place to put my tools now. Which means I need to get me some nice storage and install it in either the old log garage, my dad's old workshop, or in the new metal shed we just built a few weeks back. My preference is to put it in the log garage after we get the floor cemented in properly. Which means that at the moment I am in the market for finding what I need for the garage.

I have collected a nice selection of power tools (routers, skill saws, drills, Dremels, etc) and am getting some nice mechanic's tools collected up - both for the car and for my ATV. So my storage will need to be multi function. has some very nice storage solutions on their website, including stacking storage bins with shelves and locking storage cabinets. I like things that look tidy, so the open bin carts are not of interest to me unless I built a closet for them to slide into, but the full locking storage cabinets are great and would offer a lot of storage for the tools and parts that I would want to store away.

They have one titled Locking Storage Cabinet that has adjustable shelves inside and in the doors that would be just what I would need for putting my power tools away. I think I would add the modification of drilling a 1/2" hold in the back to run a 110 line through and install a power strip bar along the back of the cabinet or on one door to let me plug in the battery chargers for my tools if I wanted to. I think a better one for that would be the mesh fronted cabinets, so will require more planning. I have time through, late as it is I think it'll be next spring before we can put garage floor.


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