Saturday, September 01, 2007

Kango Vacation Planning Site Nearing Beta Phase

As caregivers I think we are often used to not having our opinions taken into consideration, but Kango would like to change that for everyone that is trying to plan a family vacation. Imagine having a chance to speak up and help design a vacation planning site that would actually give you information you can use? That would offer recommendations you can trust on destinations for Family Camping Trips and vacations.

Kango wants you to sign up for the waiting list for their private bets test that will launch this fall. They want to invite you to join other beta testers in talking about the Kango website and helping to create a site that you can actually use for planning your vacations.

I personally think that the best thing we could do would be to offer our invaluable services as family caregivers in helping to guide the site to what people need when looking for destinations where they can take handicapped or special needs children. It can be hard enough to find kid-friendly destinations, and we have the power with Kango to help in creating a site for vacation planning that will allow parents of handicapped and special needs children in finding reliable and dependable destinations that will be suitable for their children and to find personalized recommendations on the destinations so they know that it is a destination that is going to allow their child to have an enjoyable and fun filled vacation.

So please, if you have the time and can help with beta testing and making suggestions from the perspective of someone that has unparalleled knowledge about what it takes to take a handicapped or special needs person somewhere I urge you to sign up as a beta tester and help ensure that is a part of the options offered by Kango.

Thank you!

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Anonymous kango said...

Thanks for your thoughtful post. I'd love to start a conversation about this with you and your readers to understand what we can do to help special needs children. Would you be willing to do a guest post on our blog? and then invite your readers to come and comment on it? We can make it a way to get some great thoughts about what we can do for specific groups of special needs children and adults. I'll email you to see if you're interested.

11:03 PM  

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