Monday, September 17, 2007

Waiting rooms need work stations

I wrote this on my AlphaSmart at my dad's physical therapy appointment last Friday.


As I sit at the children's table in the physical therapy center and wait for dad to finish his physical therapy I am made to think of something I had thought about at my dad's doctor's office before.

Why don't doctor's offices and places like this physical therapy center have one or two desks set up for people that have work to get done while waiting on someone they brought to the office? I have sat for up to 6 hours in doctor's offices. It would have been very nice to have had a halfway decent place to get my work done while I waited. I am lucky here in that at 5'2" I am almost a perfect fit for this kiddie chair and table. lol!

But really, a small writing desk would be very nice, or maybe a secretarial that can be folded down to work on when someone is there and needs to get work done. It is not easy to get work done in the standard waiting room chairs. I have been known to resort to sitting on the floor and almost did that today until I decided that these little wooden chairs would support someone my size.


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