Friday, December 07, 2007

Advertising on blogs

The Family Caregiver Info and Family C.A.R.E. blog is joining the Smorty service, which allows bloggers to get paid for blogging about things that interest them and their readership. The blog advertising campaigns that Smorty features are opportunities that I can opt to write about for people and companies that want to advertise on blogs as a way to spread the word about their product or service.

I know that many will say that it is not right for bloggers to blog for money, but I also know that my readership knows that even though I get paid to blog, I can not be paid enough that I would say something I did not feel was true. If I suggest a site or service on this blog it is because I believe that it is something that my readership will want to know about. I am very committed to being able to hand select the things that I review and recommend to my readers, particularly my fellow family caregivers.

Being a family caregiver is the highest stress unpaid job in the world, being paid to blog about products and services allows me to earn a little money while still acting as a full-time caregiver for my father.


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