Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sweets for gift baskets

Gift baskets for friends and family are a wonderful thing, but what do you put in one? I decided to share some of my favorite ideas for what to add to a gift basket of goodies.

Fudge: ideally there would be several kinds of fudge added in. Divinity fudge would be a must for me, since it is one of my mom's favorites. Then there is plain chocolate fudge and fudge with walnuts added in to it.

Rosette Cookies: I love making these deep fried cookies for the holidays, then sprinkle with powdered sugar. You need to have a rosette iron to make them, but it is well worth the low cost of investment and you can make a lot of cookies for a very low cost. They are perfect fillers for a large basket.

Oatmeal Cookies: Another one of my mom's favorites, these can be made in multiple recipes very easily by adding nuts or raisins to the basic cookie mix. A nice hearty cookie they are easily made following a healthy recipe.

Sugar Cookies: Rolled out and cut into shapes then decorated these are a staple of sweet gift baskets, particularly for families with small children.

Gingerbread men: A holiday favorite, gingerbread men are something else that is perfect for families with small children. You can also add in plain gingerbread baked and cut into squares.

Just about any cookies or candies can go into a gift basket of sweet treats, start with some kind of filler such as raffia, or even dry popcorn, to fill in the bottom of the basket, then start layering in the goodies starting with the larger or less fancy ones toward the bottom and putting the delicate or very fancy treats at the top of the basket.

Add in some candy canes or other holiday treats, a little ornament or two, gather basket wrap up and around it then tie some bells to the handle with a large bow and you have a wonderful basket of treats.


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