Friday, December 28, 2007

Arizona and snowbirds

A snowbird is someone that spends their summers in colder regions and their winter's in warmer areas. For many retired Alaskan's that destination is usually Arizona. Someday I would like to be a snowbird and meander down to a nice summer home in Arizona to avoid the harsher time of the year here in Alaska, when my joints ache and the weather hits -60 degrees Fahrenheit.

This desire was just heightened by a visit to the website of phoenix pool builders Cameo Pools and a browse through their gallery of pools that they have built. I have to say I believe it when they say their goal is not to build the most, just the best. In business for 30 years they offer some impressive warranties to back up the quality of their pool construction and the equipment used.

Their custom designs and the obvious attention to detail seen in the gallery has sold me on using them to install my future vacation home's pool. It might be 30 years before I can go vacationing in Arizona every winter, but Cameo Pools looks to me like they will still be going strong then and for many more years after.


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