Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chillow Pillow - the cool pillow from Allegro Medical

I have found something that I feel would be of interest to my readers here, a product called the Chillow Pillow from Allegro Medical. This is a pillow that is advertised as being a soft fluid-cool pillow with a cushioning memory foam effect. Reading over the testimonials that Allegro Medical has on their product information page for the Chillow Pillow it looks like the thing would be the perfect solution for anyone that finds polyfiber filled pillows too hot to sleep comfortably or for anyone who desires a cooler experience when drifting off.

The Chillow Pillow can be found at Allegro Medical, who states they have served more than 1 million customers since they were founded in 1996. To find out more about this cooling pillow visit the link above.


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