Monday, January 07, 2008

Nursing home abuse: maggots in elderly woman's foot

Here is something that I think would make anyone sick. When you take a loved one in to a nursing home you expect a certain level of care, you certainly do not expect the staff to ignore them to the point that there are maggots infesting wounds. That is what a lawsuit in 2006 alleged happened to one 76 year old woman.

You can read about this at the Lawsuit: Maggots Lived In Nursing Home Resident article on the CBS affiliate website.

This is a unconscionable thing to have happening in places that we trust to care for our loved ones, and is all the more reason why family caregivers need to be given all of the help they can be given to allow them to care for their elderly loved ones at home in a properly caring environment where the elder care recipient receives the level of care they require.


Anonymous clarksburg said...

Elder Abuse is difficult to spot, however when it is found it should be heavily punished!! Families put faith in people to look after the older relatives and people tackle advantage of the persons frail nature and trust put in them by the family! if someone is found guilty of elder abusethey should punishable in the same fashion a doctor is for medical negligence, however it should be remembered that elderly abuse is intentional and maliciously carried out!

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