Monday, January 07, 2008

Nursing home neglect

I know that I dislike nursing homes, but I have always tried not to let that taint my efforts to help others that might see them as the best alternative, however, it is hard to keep up that neutrality when being dehydrated in a nursing home a week after he suffered a massive stroke nearly killed my father. Then he was left neglected and ignored by the staff in several of what were supposed to be some of the best nursing homes in the country.

I was reading an old copy of Reader's Digest (December '06) and there is an article in it titled "Deadly Neglect: The shocking truth about what's going on in America's nursing homes". The article is a scary insight into things I already knew about, such as the fact that the majority of nursing homes are for-profit and working in the black while understaffed to the point that patients are neglected - sometimes to deadly results.

The articled links to a nursing hone checklist that anyone considering a nursing home should look over even if they can not get a chance to read the article. I'll see if I can find that and get the link to the checklist posted for you.


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