Friday, February 29, 2008 can help you shop

I was researching recipes for diabetics and came across a section of the website that I had not seen before. They have a Virtual Grocery Store in their recipes section. What you do is create a profile at their website, then you can select meals that are approved for a diabetic diet, request the meal to be placed in your recipe file, then have the needed ingredients dropped into your shopping list.

You can edit the shopping list to remove things you already have around the house and even add things that you need that are not on the list. They have a printer friendly version of the list, but it did not seem to show up right on my computer screen, I have not tried to print it. Even if you have to select the list section on the list page and print the selected text, this is a great tool for going shopping. I'll be using the site a lot more, particularly since I have determined that if I am taking over the cooking, my mom is going to be on a strict diabetes approved diet. I doubt she'll even notice the change, since she is already being really good about that stuff, but I don't wanna fix the wrong stuff so I'll be relying on that site and what I can collect for the cookbook I plan to start at Family Caregiver Info or Diet Tracker Online Info.


Blogger Blog4me said...

thanks for sharing. This is good as my mom is a diabetes.

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