Thursday, February 28, 2008

One of those days - grrrrrrr

One of the reasons that I don't talk a lot about my personal life on here is because of days like today. My dad has decided that he is going to be in a bad mood, no reason, no explanation, he just is in a foul mood - so I get growled at for everything. It is one of those things about being a full-time family caregiver that just makes you want to scream and give up, but you know it won't last and to get upset back won't cure the problem, it'd just make it worse. So I sit here frustrated trying to get some work done and having absolutely no focus for working on anything other than a forehead shaped dent in the tabletop.


Anonymous Mohd. Hashim Khan said...

Sometimes when there is no reason (even very small) to cheer up, a man can become upset or have a bad mood whole day. Try to do something or create a reason to be happy. Adopting a pet can help.

9:15 PM  

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