Monday, May 05, 2008

Don't feel like getting up today

I'm not feeling very much like going into town today, but I have to. My dad needs to get another INR check on his coumadin levels this afternoon and I need to go take him up to the blood clinic - despite having had a lousy night's sleep.

That's one of the problems with being a family caregiver. A nurse or non-family member can just say they don't feel good and are not reporting for work - a family caregiver has to be ready to do things 24/7/365 - rather they are feeling bad or not.

I have been trying out the assorted Energy drinks, and it is tempting to drink one of them to wake me up this morning, but I now that would not be a very good idea. I really do not need to get into the habit of drinking one of those things first thing in the morning. I think instead I will take a couple of aspirin and go back to bed for a few hours, see if I can ditch the headache that I have been getting.


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