Saturday, February 28, 2009


Just watched Bill Maher's Religulous on DVD with my dad. I have to admit that I really enjoyed watching it, he asked a bunch of questions that I have wanted to ask for a long time. Left a lot unasked, but he asked a lot as well. I think out of the whole thing the one thing that got me the most was the Holy Land amusement park thing in Florida and the scene where they have their Jesus actor lugging the cross along and here are all of these tourists vying for the best angle to record it with their digital camera. ::shakes head:: I think that sequence right there summed things up rather well.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your previous entry as well as this one. I had to do the cat naps for some years with Dad since he started roaming the house, often waking me, or *I* wouldn't sleep long, worrying something would happen. I understand it well.
No, it never really does equal full rested sleep but luckily I don't need many hours. ~Mary

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

to me that scene was the most horrifying thing in the whole movie. i loved the movie, same reasons as you, but i hated that scene. it says so much about the lack of humananity in those good hard-core, bible-land-targeted christians that they'd spend money to witness, to reach out and touch a fake-blood-soaked actor depicting a scene of a man's torture and eventual death. and they cheer and they cry, but they watch it anyway. it's not a page from a book, it's not a scene on a tv screen, it's real live and in front of their noses, and they're perfectly okay sitting by and watching it. there's been court cases that surrounded that same human instinct to not get involved when intervention could have saved lives. uh, we've been in a couple wars over that issue, too. but those people there pay money to sit on a bench and watch a man get beat up while staked to a pole. that is the utmost hypocrisy of the whole religion up on display, at a theme park, and captured on film. brilliant of bill maher, scary as hell for the rest of us.


ps: oh, and i love this... my captcha code to post this?


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