Wednesday, February 11, 2009

There are times when all you can do is cry

There are times when being a family caregiver just gets to you. Times when you suddenly realize that you are nearly 40 and have done nothing with your life. Yes, you were there when your parents needed you the most, but in choosing to help them you gave up everything that could have been.

Three semesters of full load college courses toward a small business management degree are nothing after so many years out of the system. $45 paid into Social Security when you were 18 only serves to depress you when you think of how you should have your Social Security fully paid up by this point in your life.

Last night it all hit at once, combined with the knowledge that I will loose this house one day, and all I could do was collapse on the step stool in the kitchen, out of sight of my dad, and cry.


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