Saturday, February 07, 2009


Two of my nephews stopped by earlier. They have got into the habit of stopping in occasionally when they are out this way fishing, this time it was cutting firewood. I have no idea why this area is the place to come get firewood for them all, but it at least gets dad some company every once in a while, so I won't complain too much as long as they leave wood in close enough that I can still get wood for dad next summer.

The two of them hung around for about ten minutes, watching the end of a show on TV with dad and answering random things I could think up to try and stir conversation: such as what they were in the area for and how they were doing. Might not be very talkative when they are here, but I am happy that they at least come by every once in a while to sit with their grandfather for five or ten minutes, their sister won't even do that much.


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