Sunday, February 14, 2010

AMACO Clay Art

I am an avid crafter with a particular fondness for creating art dolls using clay. Something I have always wanted to try my hand at, however, is pottery and creating clay art pots for plants.

I was looking over the AMACO/Brent website at the art clay and tools for working with clay that they have. They have everything from pottery to jewelery making available through the website, for skill levels ranging from kids to professionals.

Check out the lesson plans for one on overglazes and decorating tiles. And another lesson on glass casting, which is something that I would love to learn. Kids and adults alike will love the lesson on making bugs with polymer clay.

But, as I said, I would like to learn things like how to make clay art, and not bugs. More like the kind of art you would use mexican clay pottery and other art clays for creating decorative clay pots and jars.

Check out the website at any of the above links to find out more about the AMACO/Brent products for clay art.

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Blogger Amaco said...

Thanks for visiting the AMACO website. I hope you have a chance to try out some of our great products. Please share your finished pieces with us!

7:29 AM  

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