Friday, February 05, 2010

Waiting at doctor's office

Took my dad to the doctor's office yesterday. That was exhausting. The appointment had been for 4 in the afternoon, but the doctor was running late, so the nurse said put off to 4:30. I knew that would leave us sitting in the lobby for a while still so I called back and asked if since we were having trouble with getting the transportation sorted out if we could move that back to 4:45? That was okay, but she said not much past that.

Ended up getting there at 5, which nurse said was great. Place closes at 5 and nurses go home at 5:30.

We settled into chairs to wait. And wait, and wait. It was right at two hours later that we were shown into the back. After we went through the vitals with the nurse we were shown back to the room at 7:15 to wait. And wait. Was right at an hour later when the doctor finally arrived. Got out of there and headed for gas station at 8:55 pm.

And what was the appointment for? Dad had some things he wanted to talk to his doctor about, but forgot most of them by the time he got a chance to see her.


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