Friday, December 23, 2011

Another year drawing to a close

Here we are at the close of another year. Where I live the snow lays heavily on the ground and evenings are spent watching the glowing lights of the holiday tree in a darkened room.

I have the tree up, but did not have the emotional or mental strength to actually decorate it. Possibly tomorrow night, if I am not hurrying to get holiday presents made at the last minute or something. It is a bit of a blah year for me. My car is snowed in so I ain't gone anywhere since winter started, and that means that I have not had a chance to get any shopping done for anyone. Not that I am in a very festive mood, but I had at least had intentions to get out and go shopping for at least one item for each of the people in my family.

The holidays are just not much of a festive time when you live alone and there is no one other than the dogs to be decorating for. Or the cats, but the cats tend to climb into the tree and break the ornaments.


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