Friday, December 30, 2011

Shark Week

Contribution by German Flowers

My husband loves watching Shark Week. He looks forward to watching it all summer. Shark Week is a whole week on Discovery Channel dedicated to shows about sharks. I do not know how they find that much information on sharks to take up a whole week with shark shows. My husband was worried that shark week was going to be when he was out of town for work and he might not be able to watch it. I told him to go to to find the Discovery Channel schedule. He found out that shark week is the week before he has to go out of town and he will be able to watch most of the shark shows. I am not that interested in sharks and most of those shows make me scared to swim in the ocean. They do not even phase my husband though. He can watch all sorts of shark attacks and still have no problem swimming in the ocean. I am not really looking forward to hours of shark shows being recorded on our tv, but I guess it makes my husband happy.


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