Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Know an expecting mother? Check out The Nest Baby Shop

Babies are a little treasure that deserve to be doted upon. I have a niece that is expecting her second child in a few more months here. It is not always easy to find something that is just right for a baby, I have shopped for a lot of baby things over the years (aunt and great aunt to a *lot* of kids, then there are the kids of friends I have had over the years - it means a lot of baby stuff shopping.)

Anyway, I know it can be hard to find something special that stands out and is not just a carbon copy of things every other baby in the nursery has, which is why I like the things that they have over at The Nest Baby Shop. They have some unique personalized baby gifts, many items that include free personalization.

The Nest Baby Shop has baby shower supplies too. Fun stuff to make the party memorable such as invitations, games and favors. And they are not just for expecting mothers either, they have stuff for babies up to three years old, so if you know someone that is having a party for a little one this is a great way to find something special for that too.

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