Saturday, July 28, 2007

Family Caregiver Info business plan

I'm revamping my business plan and have decided that I want to create one for my various websites, which means one for Family Caregiver Info too. I want to include things such as projects to undertake for that site - like rallying a letter campaign this November to tell Congress to be kind to caregivers and so forth. So if anyone can think of anything that might be good to focus on for caregivers in the term of over the next year or longer let me know and I'll add it into my business plan.

A few things I have planned for already that I want to focus on include:

  • Create a family caregiver newsletter for my website
  • Get website up and finished now that it has been moved to my server
  • Set up campaign to write congress folks about family caregiver bills
  • See about reviving family caregiver bills that have slipped away through congress forgetting them
  • Work toward more family caregiver resources in Alaska

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