Thursday, August 23, 2007

Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk

Alzheimer's is something that affects so many older adults, and research has recently shown that it is not only the elderly that are at risk. I heard on the radio the other day where a man cared for his 30-something wife that was suffering from Alzheimer's. I am not sure if its effect on the younger generations is a new development in the disease, since I myself am not personally affected by Alzheimer's in my family, but I know people who read this blog that are personally affected by it and the wife of one of my nephew's is a caregiver at a nursing home, so I am sure that she knows patients that are affected by Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer's is for the large part one of the unknowns. It is something that few people stop to consider until it touches their life. That is one of the reasons why things such as the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk is so important. The Memory Walk is a nationwide effort to raise awareness of Alzheimer's through charity walks that help to raise awareness and funds that can help fight Alzheimer's.

I went out to the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk website, but there are no memory walks in Alaska. I find that to be a real bummer, maybe someone from Alaska would like to sign-up as a Team Captain? It would be a great way to raise awareness for Alzheimer's and the Alzheimer's Association in the state. I am a lousy organizer, but if anyone is interested in getting a walk going let me know and we'll see what we can do to help organize a Memory Walk in Alaska, okay? You can leave a comment here or e-mail me if you would be interested in talking about it. Signing up early is the way to go for anyone thinking about getting involved, since it takes time not only to get things in order for walking, but to train yourself for the walk and to arrange for someone that can help you out with your caregiver duties if you are a caregiver that will be walking.

Even if you are not affected by Alzheimer's, I encourage you to get out there and help with the Memory Walk in any way that you can. Sponsor a walker if you can, or walk as a Team Captain, team member or even an independent walker. Even just get out there and cheer the walkers on if that is all you can do. Show your support for this important cause and please, help spread the word about the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk.

Thank you.

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Blogger Kathy NC said...

My name is Kathy, and I am the primary caregiver for my 79 year old Dad who has Alzheimer's disease and lives with me in North Carolina.

I am writing a daily blog that shows the lighter side of caring for someone with dementia.

Please pass this link along to anyone you feel would enjoy it.



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