Thursday, August 09, 2007

I put curio shelves in the end of my dad's desk

I got my dad's computer desk all put together and in the end of it, where there is a recessed area, I routered in some grooves and used some 5 gallon can sized paint stir sticks from our local Lowes to create shelves. The shelves were all stained with old oak colored stain and then put into the cabinet.

It makes a really great cabinet for displaying my mom's collection of Wade figures and looks really nice in the front room.

I inset the shelves just enough to allow me to get some glass now and build a door to go over the shelf area. That way once the figures are in place on the shelves the door can be closed and dust will not collect on the figures and add to the amount of housecleaning needed to be done.

The desk has more shelves down low on the side, on the end of the desk area, where even more of the Wade figures can be put on display.



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