Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sheds for storage and trailers for camping

Got the nephews out there today building a shed for us to store stuff in, open up a lot of room in the house and make it easier to work on painting and other projects we want to get done before winter. Then after we're done with that we can use the shed (a 10'x14' shed, to store tools and my ATV and whatever else we need to store around the yard.

They're out there now with dad in his wheelchair playing supervisor as they build the deck and get ready to build the shed - which is one of them metal sided kit's from Lowes. It should work out really really good when we get it all finished and usable.

One of my brothers is out there too, he's working on putting the lights on the trailer that my mom got for having a place that dad can sleep when we go camping. If it was not for his being half paralyzed a tent would work, but we got a small trailer that will work a LOT better for him and my brother is getting the lights and wiring all fixed on it for us.



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