Saturday, July 28, 2007

Vending Machines

I've been talking over on my Work at Home Newsletter website about the business opportunities for vending machines, and something I think would be good for a caregiver and their care recipient would be an idea that I had.

Get some vending machines, then set the machines up on a trailer so that they faced out either side and the back of it, you would probably need to create a side covering for when you are going down the road with the trailer, but that would not be hard. In the middle of the trailer you can put a place accessed from the front and under the machines maybe where there are trays locked away for restocking the machines. Or have a walkway for accessing the backs of them inside the trailer. Then you take it and park at fairs and flea markets with it.

This gives you a vending machine setup that would take care of itself while you and your care recipient just needed to tended to the task of occasionally maintaining the machines. You would be left for the most part to just relax and enjoying the fair yourself. The perfect way, I'd think, to get a small side business that would let you travel from fair to fair and enjoy the day.

It would require looking into, pricing machines from companies to see what the machines would cost you and what it costs to restock them and make the trailer and getting a space at a Saturday Market or local fairs. According to the information at BusinessMart on the vendstar machines; "The United States Department of Labor states that the average hourly income of a vender operator is $70.58" That's not too bad at all for a side business that you and your care recipient can get into and even if you can't make that much, there are other benefits to it.

It is something your care recipient can help with no matter their condition. Even if all they do is drop small plastic balls you have filled with toys or candy into the machines, it gives them something productive to be doing. And that, my friends, the care recipient feeling like they are able to be working still and helping out, is something that most caregivers will agree is worth investing in even if you're barely breaking even.

So, if you have been looking into a side business or hobby that you can get your care recipient involved in with you, look into the possibilities of vending machines. Whether you take them to fairs like I suggested above or set them up at local mom and pop shops and laundromats and places, they are something you and your care recipient can work on together.

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