Thursday, August 30, 2007

What does it take to get ready?

Getting ready to go somewhere takes a special talent, one that I think only parents share in common with caregivers. You need to be able to get not one, but two people ready. When I got my dad ready to go to his doctor's appointment this afternoon I had to get clothes picked out for both me and him, get myself cleaned up and dressed, help my dad shave, help my mom with getting my dad cleaned up and dressed, make sure my dad's dentures for him and make sure they were clean, get him a refill on coffee to take along (forgot my coffee dang-it), get his dentures, get his wheelchair (my sister took care of that for me), get my things for working gathered (Alphasmart, notebook, pen, etc), get my purse, get my dad's wallet, print out a current medications list and double check that it was up to date. Then I had to help my dad out to the car. Take everything I had gathered up out to the car. (denture cup, dad's coffee, forgot the Kleenex, ashtray with snuffer, dad's cigarettes and lighter, my purse and briefcase and dads wallet, forgot dad's hat). I also forgot to brush my hair after I had washed it so my hair as I sit in the doctor's office is a total mess. Forgot to put brush in my bag, gah!

And that is what I can think of as I sit here in the doctor's office waiting to see her. It is compete insanity and that is for a fast run to town and back with only one stop.



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