Thursday, September 20, 2007

Random post about being a caregiver

This post was written on my Alphasmart as we were leaving the doctor's office after getting my dad his weekly coumadin blood level check for the coumadin he's taking.

Well, the blood results for my dad are good, he's right where they want him to be on the coumadin levels so we're back out to check once a month rather than having to come back next week. Which is really good, since it's a fairly long drive out to the hospital to get the tests done. At least on once a month tests we can combine tests with stopping at Wal Mart. Which is, unfortunately, my next stop. Wish me luck. I think they've moved things again since I was last there.

Update at home at time of posting: I survived Wal Mart. :::breathes huge sigh of relief::: Even got some plants, philodendrons, to go in my office when I get it finished.



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