Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Link to Circles of Care article: courtesy of an anonymous reader on my other blog

I got a comment on my main blog, Phantascene.com's Journal that was posted by an anonymous visitor. They had noticed that I was a family caregiver and wanted to bring my attention to an article:

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to give you some links to articles you might be interested in. I see you wrote that you are a full-time caregiver to your parents, and there is an article in the Fall 2007 issue of Greater Good magazine that talks about taking care of the elderly and the obstacles that must be faced. The article is called "Circles of Care" by Matthew Wheeland, and he talks about how before Alzheimer's becomes a national crisis, new programs are trying to ease th pain and stress of caring for a loved one with the disease. Here is a link to his article:


I pasted the URL all together and went to look at the link. Although I did not yet read the article, merely scanned it, I think that it deserves a proper link here for anyone that wants to find it and read it, so I have posted it here and made it a hyperlink.


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