Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Winter safety: icicles and icy paths

Icicles can be beautiful to look at, but they are also very dangerous when they are directly over pathways. Make sure that you have a stick in the entry area so that you can knock away any icicles as they form over entrances to porches or down from roof lines.

It possible install or have someone install for you something to divert melt water from over walkways. This keeps icicles from building up over the path and also prevents ice from forming on the path or steps. A very dangerous condition that accompanies the formation of icicles.

If you see ice building up on the path clear it away (or hire the neighbor kid to clear it) immediately before it can pose a threat to you or someone else trying to walk along the path.

I like to keep cat litter around for scattering on the path. My preference is the non-clumping brand. I keep it just inside the door where it will stay warm, that way it melts slightly into the ice and offers better traction.

I don't like to spread out salt or other chemical ice melters since they might harm the grass or flowers that we plant along the walkway in the spring. The kitty litter can just be swept into the dirt and gravel of the drive.


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