Saturday, November 03, 2007


Do you have a home based business of some kind to help you pay the bills? Would you like to be able to offer some kind of incentive program to people that buy your products? Something to help entice your customers back after they have made a purchase from your online store?

Now you can. I've been looking at this company called Webloyalty. They make incentive offers to any customer of their affiliates that complete a purchase on the affiliates website.

Webloyalty will also guarantee payments of $.50 - $2.00 for every transaction where a customer accepts the free trial of their benefit package, which can be tailored to your customer's needs - and can potentially earn you repeat customers.

When someone finishes shopping at your website, they will see an offer from webloyalty that is offered as a thank you for their order on your site. When they accept the offer the customer gets a free month trial of Webloyalty. After that initial free month the customer can opt to pay webloyalty $10 per month to remain a member.

Webloyalty is an online marketing services company that provides customized programs to fee-based businesses, they help their clients increase revenue while offering those clients’ customers a range of valuable benefits packages. They can assist you in providing your customers with a benefits package, one that is tailored specifically to the needs of your company's clients.

Find out more about Webloyalty by visiting the link above.

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