Monday, December 17, 2007

Medical Insurance

Advantage Healthcare Quotes would like to invite you to look at the different types of healthcare insurance that they offer. As family caregivers we know the importance of being able to afford healthcare, so I am always willing to share possible sources for family caregivers to Save Money on Healthcare Insurance. Healthcare is something that everyone needs to consider how they will be paying for at some point, and shopping around for the best Insurance Rates only makes sense when you are looking to get healthcare insurance.

I can not find the 'about' information for Advantage Healthcare Quotes on their website, however, I can find no record of anyone having complained about the site or their services. I looked through the sign up information, but I did not complete the procedure. The submit area on the final screen states:
By submitting this information, I request that insurance companies or their agents and NetQuote partners subscribing to the NetQuote service contact me via email, telephone or fax, using the information I have supplied, to provide quotes or to obtain additional information needed to provide quotes.
So, this is a way for those who are seriously shopping around to send their information to a range of insurance groups to get companies soliciting them with Medical Insurance Quotes. Not something I am in the market for at the moment, so I did not send my personal information out into the world at large for whoever is part of their network.

Note: the domain for Advantage Medical Quotes was registered on 27 Sep 2007 for a period of one year and is using WhoIs guard to blank out who owns the site.


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