Monday, January 07, 2008

Home Fitness Equipment from Allegro Medical

As family caregivers we sort of end up with a mini ER in our medicine cabinets and micro physical and occupational therapy offices in our living rooms. We start with one or two things that we think might help our loved one recover from the stroke or heart attack or whatever other condition dropped them into need for care and slowly that list builds until we have a few boxes of home fitness equipment here and there and maybe a treadmill or stationary bike that never got put to the use it had been bought for.

And still, we need to pick up more. If there is a chance of our care recipient regaining the use of their left arm or if a different kind of cane might help them walk better we are going to buy it. It's not a question of buying new toys or buying something for one person that others can make use of, and it's definitely not because we can afford to buy the things, it is a simple matter of wanting what is best for our loved one.

Allegro Medical can help you shop for the things that you need, allowing you to search by conditions such as Alzheimer's or stroke to let you find the things that you need. Visit their website at the link above to find out more about the medical supplies and equipment that they offer.


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