Friday, September 12, 2008

Talking to Alaska's Senator Stevens

The other day Alaska's Senator Stevens did a phone call town meeting deal, where he was talking on the phone with people all over the State. I really wanted to ask him about HR 1161, the Family Caregiver Security Act of 2007, but the call had to be ended before they got the chance to get to me.

Ah well, I just need to write him a nice long letter and explain my position to him about that stuff and explain why it is important to help family caregivers. Even if they only helped the ones that are providing direct full-time in-home care, it opens things up for all caregivers to have some kind of voice for their situations.

I think I'll make up a area over at Family Caregiver Info where statements about being a caregiver can be collected together and senators can be sent to see why the bills mean what they do to family caregivers.

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