Friday, June 20, 2008

Rare Coin Investments

Now here is something that I would love to get started in collecting: rare coins. For some reason I have always loved coins, they fascinate me for an undefinable reason. As a kid I would go to the mall when they had vendors in there and I would sort through the bowls of foreign coins sitting on the people's counters, paying something like a nickel to a quarter apiece for old coins from foreign countries. I still have the box of old coins, my treasure box, sitting on the shelf in my office. Collectively they are only worth probably a dollar, but to me they are a wondrous reminder of the awe I had as I sorted through coins from all over the world to locate some kind of coin with Russian writing on it and a picture that looks like a viking ship, or a German coin with a fancy bird I assume is an eagle on it. Another ship graces the back of a Korean coin, while a coin with oriental writing offers up a lovely display of flowers.

Some day I want to get back into collecting coins, but instead of sorting through bowls of coins at flea markets, I want to invest in rare coins with a rare coin dealer such as Monaco Rare Coin. Monaco Rare Coin is known for offering the finest rare coins available and has a collection of rare coins for interested buyers that is valued at over $10,000,000.

By buying from a well known and respected dealer like Monaco Rare Coin, investors can be confident that they are going to get the best opportunities available in the rare coin marketplace, opportunities that smaller or less well known coin dealers will not know about.

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