Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tis the time of year for canning stuff

My sister came up last night to visit with our parents and while she was here she got to talking about wanting to borrow my water bath canning deal to do some canning, so that sent me on a search for my water bath canning basket. Took me a long time to finally remember I had put it on top of the refrigerator when I used the canning kettle one day to heat water on the stove.

Now the canning stuff is all collected together in there and ready for use. I am thinking that I will pick some cranberries this week and make some cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Would have liked to have got up and picked blueberries too, but did not make it up the mountain to do that this year.

Rains just made getting out and about nearly impossible most of the time this year, and when you add in the cost of gas at $40 for half a tank of gas in the car, it's not easy to get excited about just driving around in the rain. Might do that today though, my sister promised our dad that she'd come up today and take him for a Sunday drive. Looking very muggy out there though, so I am not sure they won't call that one off for a couple of days. We'll see, calling it off for a couple days would suit me, since I could not go along today and I am about the only one that can help my dad get in and out of the car and stuff, but I'm more than willing to let her try it if she and him decide they want to go ahead and go without me.


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