Saturday, November 22, 2008

Las Vegas Shows

Years ago me and my parents went on a road trip cruising around the Westernmost States of the lower 48 States. We drove through Las Vegas, but because we were in a motorhome we stayed on the highway and did not dare get down into the crazy traffic of the strip. We had driven down the strip years before in a Pinto hatchback. When I was there on a business trip in 2007 I got the chance to go see some of the kewlest things, but I also did not get to see quite a few things I want to get to see the next time I get the chance to got to Las Vegas.

Which is where a site such as comes in. has information, pictures and tickets to Las Vegas Shows. One mistake that so many vacationers make when visiting Las Vegas is to wait until they arrive to buy their show tickets. If you know you will be in Las Vegas, and you know you would like to see a particular show on a particular day, then don't wait - buy your show tickets in advance rather than risk finding the show you want to see has been sold out.


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