Saturday, October 18, 2008

Capella University

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Family caregivers do not have the luxury of being able to get out of the house and attend a traditional university, which is why I feel it is so important to have accredited online universities such as Capella University where students can learn in their own time through online courses.

Capella University offers over 100 graduate and undergraduate specializations and 15 certificate programs. They are an accredited online university where you can earn a traditional stone and mortar school mba though online courses.

With headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, Capella University teaches over 23,000 students in more than 45 countries. And now, with their podcasts available through iTunes or at, you can find out more about what it is like to take online courses from the students, faculty and staff of Capella University. Check out all of the roughly 15 minute podcasts, podcasts such as the one featuring an interview with Beverly Enns, Capella’s faculty chair for reading/literacy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I so agree that caregivers need options such as online educational opportunities. I (and everyone else) thought I was nuts when I wanted to go to school while caregiving my mother (and raising three daughters). I HAD to do something for me--and I enrolled at an online school to get started. It gave my mind something to focus on, and it was invigorating just to take one class.
Boomers, Sandwich Gen-ers, and seniors can all benefit from online classes. What am I saying!~ It's the future of education--my 21 year old daughter takes half of her college classes online!

~Carol O'Dell
Author of Mothering Mother: A Daughter's Humorous and Heartbreaking Memoir
available on Amazon

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