Monday, March 09, 2009

DIY Insurance Claims Adjuster Website

Have you ever wished that you could get an unbiased insurance estimate that was actually in favor of getting you the entire amount you are due - without having to pay the public adjuster or an attorney a 10 to 40% commission for their in person review of your loss?

My Smart Claims is a website that serves as a Public Adjuster for individuals looking to find out what they are really entitled to under the terms of their insurance.

Using a simple yes and no questionnaire, My Smart Claims can help you assess your loss and determine if the offer from the insurance company is a true reflection of the amount that should be paid.

Customers pay $299 for the do it yourself claims adjustment process, which can be far less expensive than hiring an attorney for the task. To find out more visit the My Smart Claims website at the link above.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It worked for me.

10:01 AM  

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